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Asshole Dad Named His Kid 'ABCDEF GHIJK' Because He Loves Crossword Puzzles Or Something Stupid Like That

[Sun] - A DAD has reportedly given his son a very unique name inspired by his love for crossword puzzles.

The Indonesian family named their 12-year-old son ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu to medics disbelief after he revealed his ID to get his Covid-19 vaccine.

Images of the boy’s paperwork and a name tag embroidered on his clothes show his name as ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu.

Ever since I've become a father I usually tend to side with parents on different arguments. Okay so you wanted to name your kid something a little different. Fine. Trying to get two parents to agree on a name is difficult in its own right. Every situation is different. But I can't side with this dad on this. You just signed your kid up for a lifetime of hell. No other way about it. How do you even pronounce it? Do you say each letter or do you sound it out like AB-CDEF? Either way, this kid is in the worst situation. Do you know what it's like having to announce how to properly say your name? It stinks out loud. I say this as someone who has to do it with my last name. Thanks a lot, Ronald. It's not Ray-gen, it's Ree. Every single damn place I call or growing up 'yeah Reagan, nope, not like the President, but spelled the same way.' And then I get the same glossed over look. That's my last name. No changing that. Luckily Bobby is pretty damn easy although I hate places that ask me 'with a Y or IE?' If you're a Bobbie I hate you. Flat out. 

At least name him something cool. Naming him half of the alphabet because you like crossword puzzles? At least go Down, Across or something that goes with a crossword puzzle. No. You just named him letters. Fucking letters! Do you know how much hell that's going to be on a ScanTron? Do they even use ScanTrons anymore? I hope so. I need the youths of today to shake out their wrists from bubbling in your name and then 100+ answers. Always felt bad for the kids that had too long of a name too. Never knew the process of having your name cutoff on that bubble sheet. 

There's only one option here. The moment ABCDEF GHIJK turns 18, he changes his name. Change it to something simple like Sam or Dan or Joe. Just live the rest of your life with a simple name after 18 years of hell. Also just stop naming your kids something dumb like this. The only thing that would make this funny is if the dad sucks at crossword puzzles. Tries every day but just can't figure them out. Gets like 2 right and calls it a day. I appreciate the humor in that. 

You know who wouldn't name a kid like this? One of the Podfathers.