All's Well That Ends Well: The Man Who Traded Tom Brady's 600th TD Pass Ball Got A Bitcoin So He's Basically Set For Life Now



All's well that ends well and sometimes good guys finish first. The man who gave back the Tom Brady 600th TD pass ball was in a torture chamber for a bit. Everyone saying he gave up a potential $500,000 pay day, etc etc. Well, Tom Brady did the right thing and hooked the guy up not only with merch, but a Bitcoin as well.



That's a pretty good haul if you ask me. Especially since he got lucky that he was given the ball to begin with, it's basically all a freeroll if you consider there was a less than 1% chance he would ever have that ball in his hands to begin with. And for Brady to then toss a Bitcoin on top? That's a made man right there. Just hold that fucking BTC for 10 years and retire on a boat named "600". He can sail the 7 seas all thank to Mike Evans and some really nice seats at the game. Also going very under the radar- he has the entire thing recorded on his phone:



Yes, $500,000 is a nice amount of money, there's no way around that. But given the circumstances of it all, I'd say Byron got a nice payday for the ball and a nice chunk of karma heading his way (if you believe in such things). Nobody will be talking about that $500,000 when Bitcoin is worth $1,000,000.