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Fortnite Season 1 Was The Golden Era Of Gaming

Don't think or read further right now, just click that video above and listen to the sweet sound of the Season 1 Fortnite menu music.

Nostalgia. Chills. It brings me right back to thinking I was a beast at Fortnite for being able to build a single wall during a gunfight. Nowadays, kids are building skyscrapers before you can even blink.

The video above brought me back down memory lane and I had to pull a clip out of the archives.

Here's a young MRags streaming off of his PS4 in his college house senior year. No headband, no fancy PC, just straight vibes playing the greatest game ever brought into the gaming industry. 

In the gameplay above, I was solo squading and ending up dropping a 25 kill win. So yes, even though it looked like I'm the biggest bot in the world, this was actually considered "cracked" at this point in Fortnite.

Crazy to think how far we've come!

OG Fortnite was so revolutionary and I just wanna focus on 2 reasons:

1. It brought everyone together to play. Hardcore gamers + casual gamers all loved Fortnite and couldn't stop playing or watching gameplay on YouTube and Twitch.

2. It brought cross-platform gaming into the scene and forcedother developers adapt and include it within their games.

To this day, it's absolutely insane that Madden, FIFA, 2k and so many more games still haven't become cross-platform, but I this blog, I just wanna focus on the golden era that was OG Fortnite.

If you wanna see some more OG Fortnite clips, watch my video below of "MRags Reacts" (also featuring more young MRags)