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Anthony Edwards Delivered An All-Time Press Conference By Ripping Himself, Teammates And Talking About Getting Their Ass Whooped

I'm not going to stop blogging about Anthony Edwards mostly because he's quickly becoming one of my favorite athletes. The dude is hilarious, honest and quite frankly awesome. I know there was a debate about him being the No. 1 overall pick and getting off to a slow start last season. But he's lived up to the hype. He's exactly what you want from a No. 1 pick that was deemed a 'weak' top of the draft. The main reason though? He just doesn't give a shit. He says what's on his mind and what he thinks happened. There's beauty in that. We need more of that in sports. Fuck outta here with the canned answers and 'oh we just need to play hard' bullshit. Give me Anthony Edwards. Give me calling out the rest of his team. Give me him calling out himself, KAT and DLo for not passing and trying to play 3 on 5. Give me him talking about getting their ass whooped by the Pelicans, who stink. 

The best is when you remember the 'controversy' when Anthony Edwards said he really didn't like basketball. Imagine if he loved it and went crazy for it. That's how good this dude is. He's a freak athletically, he can handle the ball, he's going to come close to averaging a double-double. The guy just knows how to take over a game even in his second year. Just an all-time ricochet shot at the Pelicans though. Oh yeah it's sweet playing them because they stink, Zion is out eating gumbo and we're going to roll. Nope. You lose and then all hell breaks loose.