Mintzy Experiment: Lightening the Load

We have come a long way from the beginning of the Mintzy experiment. 2 months ago Ben was making progress but let me tell you the exact metrics since we started. 

Ben is down 10 lbs which may sound like not that much in 2 months but it was all bodyfat. Ben's muscle mass has increased meaning he may have lost 20 lbs of fat but he gained 10 lbs of muscle. Ben hit a wall recently, not in progress but vision. He needed incentivization in order to see the reason why he was taking so many supplements and working out so hard. Needed to add some variation to the program in order to keep him guessing.

So we decided to start tying his training to the Saints outcomes. It's a fun game for me because I get to watch Ben root for his cookie and be terrified of more shock training. Ben got his cookie and I believe it's going to help reinspire him to take it to that extra level before the holidays. 

Ben's been doing well. Now we initiate Demon time and break through the next wall.

Please dm me on Twitter if you have any more suggestions for his training. I am not running out of ideas I just need to gauge how socially acceptable some of them are.