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I Played Like Ryan Leaf On This Week's Halloween Costume Snake Draft

There's going to be a lot of chatter this week about Halloween and costumes no doubt. I wanted to get ahead of it and acknowledge that I sucked this week on the snake draft. No spoilers just that I was basically Ryan Leaf 2.0 throwing pick six after pick six after pick six. 

Whatever. I'm on to Cincinnati.

Point is just some late night advice about your Halloween costume (for dudes): 

1. Pockets - nobody thinks about pockets until you need them 

2. No face paint / makeup - that's just good common guy stuff. Your body moisture will not react positively with the chemicals in that Party City body paint. 

3. No Spandex - your ass is not on the menu tonight

4. Invite questions - don't be too obvious. If you walk into a room and someone goes LOOK A VAMPIRE then you suck. Don't just be a cowboy. Be Garth Brooks. Have a back story. Be mysterious if you want. 

5. Prop play - the only day you can really get away with good prop usage after turning 10 years old. Don't shy away from that. If you're Harry Potter then carry the broomstick. If you're Jimmy Chitwood then bring the basketball. Give the crowd something to work with. 

6. Don't make a statement - nobody gives a fuck buddy. There's your spoiler. 

7. Spend as little money as possible - the harder you try, the farther you fall. That's true in all of life but even more so when wearing a Halloween costume. In simpler terms just don't be that guy. 

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