New Trailer for 'Battlefield 2042 Has Tom Brady as the MVP and You'd Be Insane to Think it Won't Happen

(Cued up to the 0:28 mark) - Electronic Arts and DICE released a new trailer today for next month's release of Battlefield 2042 that gives prospective players a better idea of how the game will work. While the trailer in question doesn't feature any actual gameplay footage, it instead contains a number of hilarious references and looks at the world in which Battlefield 2042 will seemingly take place. ...

[O]ne moment of the trailer shows that NFL quarterback Tom Brady is clearly still playing football in the year 2042, and he is good enough to still win the MVP award as an old man.

"Still playing football"? "Old man"? You know how long these phrases have been coming up when Tom Brady's name has been mentioned? A decade, if not more. By the time he hit his mid-30s, talk started to shift to how few quarterbacks can play at a high level in their late 30s. People started bringing up the retirement ages of John Elway and Dan Marino. Then watching Brett Favre deteriorate. Then it was Peyton Manning. And when the Patriots drafted Jimmy Garoppolo there was a common assumption he was being groomed to take Brady's spot. And that was 2014. 

Hell, the entire futures of the three other teams in the AFC East and all the contenders in the AFC have hinged on Brady finally being proved human and his career coming to an end and where has that gotten anybody? 

The year 2042 might sound like a long way off. But so did 2021 back during Y2K. Now we're living it. And 2042 is the same 21 years away. During which time Brady will be 65. Which sounds old by quarterback standards but is only like 27 in GOAT years. 

So don't doubt this will come true and this clip will resurface 21 years from now when Brady's starting for London on Wednesday Night Football and is the reigning MVP and he'll have a good laugh at how old they made him look back in 2021. A year in which he led the league in passing yards and touchdowns as a spry, 44-year-old with a great future ahead of him. 

The only question will be how many budding NFL dynasties he's destroyed in the nest over those two decades. Because it pretty much looks like he's just added the Chiefs to the list:

So if I live long enough, see you in 2042. I only hope Belichick has finally mastered immortality so he'll still be showing the world there's one coach who can Brady out of the end zone.