Hell Of A Sunday: Golfer Gets Locked In Hotel Bathroom, 6-Year Old Bails Him Out And Then He Goes And Wins First European Tour Event

[Source] - For Winther, it was 6-year-old Nora who came through in the clutch when he and his wife got trapped in the bathroom earlier in the day.

"After breakfast I went to have a shower and my wife came in to use the bathroom as well," the newly-crowned Winther said. "The door closed, and there's no lock, but we locked ourselves in. There's no lock on the door, but the handle didn't work.

Oh she went to use the bathroom too? 

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Need to address something quick before we get into the golf portion of the blog. If you're one of the couples that use the bathroom in front of you, I hate you. There are some things that should always be respected. The bathroom is number 1 and 2. Shut the door, nobody come in unless it's an emergency. Even if you're in the shower, you don't come into a hotel bathroom unless you're about to yak. Just wait the 5 minutes. I never got the couples that 'have no shame.' Sure, you may not have shame but for the love of God I can't stand you. 

Okay, now that rant is over. Let me get to the golf portion here. I'm jealous of Jeff Winther. Dude is out here stressing he's going to miss his tee time with the lead. Imagine that story? Instead his 6-year old daughter plays hero and the dude comes out with a win. Shooting fucking even? I'd be on tilt heading to my regular Thursday night league that there's no doubt I'd shoot a 70 on the 9. 

"Our little girl Nora, 6 years old, had to go and find guys at reception to break down the door. We were in there for 45 minutes, I think. I thought, 'Geez not today, not Sunday, you're leading the freaking event. Might not get there for your tee time'. What a morning.”

"I think it probably settled the nerves because I thought I might miss my tee time and thought I might not get out. The kids are in the living room, 6 and 2 years old, what can you do?

Now here's where I disagree a bit with Jeff. I'm a father so I can speak as a father here. Dad strength is legit. You go into fight mode if you think you are truly locked in a bathroom and you bust that fucking door down. You scream to have your kids move, you get in a 3-point stance across the bathroom, get a running start and ram your shoulder into that door. Sure it may not work the first try but you go over and over again. You're going to get out. It's a hotel bathroom! Gotta give credit to the 6-year old though. Going to the front desk? Zero chance I trust my son to make the right decisions when he gets to be 6. I can already tell he'd probably crack a couple jokes first and then help me out, hopefully. 

Hell of a Sunday though for Jeff. That's how you get your first European Tour win. 

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