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Did You Know That Future NBA Legend Pat Spencer Used To Play College Lacrosse?

Getty Images.

"Who the fuck is Pat Spencer" - roughly 98% of you reading this blog right now. 

But I'll tell you who Pat Spencer is--he's the next great NBA superstar. And potentially the greatest player to wear a Washington Wizards jersey since Michael Jordan after signing with the G-League affiliate Capital City GoGo. 

And oh yeah, he just so happened to play lacrosse in college. 

The beautiful thing about life is that with every death comes new life. Just this past week, Chris Hogan announced that he is retiring from the NFL. As I'm sure at least a handful of you have heard before, Chris Hogan used to play college lacrosse. How could we ever survive without former college lacrosse player(s) competing in other major professional sports leagues?

Turns out we'll never have to worry about that because Pat Spencer is going to make the Capital City Go Go, he's going to get called up by the Wizards, he's going to take Spencer Dinwiddie's spot on the starting roster (Pat Spencer Dinwiddie will be a nice 1-2 punch), and unfortunately for a Sixers fan like myself he is going to ultimately lead the Washington Wizards to multiple NBA Championships the same way that Chris Hogan led the Patriots to multiple Super Bowls. 

So pretty much the entire point of this blog is just so I can say that I was first when Pat Spencer introduces himself as "Pat Spencer, Loyola University lacrosse" on a national NBA broadcast. Might even copyright "Pat Spencer used to play lacrosse". If the royalties end up being anything like what I could have gotten off Chris Hogan, I should be able to retire by this summer.