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Matty Nagy Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

You probably didn't watch the Bears facebook live press conference today and that's a good thing. The Bears announced just before that Nagy tested positive for COVID-19 and thus would not be able to meet in person with the media. This lonely ass podium waited all morning to be stood up:

Instead, Nagy tackled the press conference from the front seat of his car without headphones or WiFi. It was as strange as any media interaction as I've witnessed in some time. The first 8 of the total 14 minutes was about COVID procedures and the diagnosis. You could tell the media was being cordial but honestly nobody really cares about his health when we've already been beaten to death. It wasn't until somebody asked him about the 1st play of the game that things really started falling apart. Somehow, someway, in the midst of explaining communication issues and their impact on preparing for their opening drive, Nagy's Zoom starts sputtering out. Communication issues while explaining there were communication issues. Only the Chicago Bears. 

Then Mark Potash stepped and basically stuffed Nagy in a Halas Hall locker. Basically said all the Team Chemistry stuff is mumbo jumbo and the fans aren't really buying it. Nagy used his weak connection to sidestep the connection. Sorry Mark I didn't hear you


Nagy missed the message along with the rest of the press conference. His phone died or the Zoom fell off or whatever the case. Something you see in a low level employment environment. We're not talking about your local mom & pop carpet cleaning business though. This is the Chicago fucking Bears and our head coach can't even take questions on losing by 35 because the technology is weak. And yet we'll sit here and blame it on the challenges of COVID protocols. That's the sweet spot and it's exactly why Matt Nagy sucks. 

I'm not overreacting to this. Matt Nagy deserves to stand in front of professional reporters and take questions about the Bears. He owes - at the very least - a peak into his limited mind and how we've become this pathetic. Nobody thinks he'll give us good answers but at the very least you have some substance to your anger. Instead we just get a big fat INCOMPLETE on the assignment and move on to San Francisco. 

From here, a couple theories: 

1. Matt Nagy Is Faking COVID: that would be diabolical but it's also a good excuse if you want to blame the Tampa game on coaching fatigue or just generally be nowhere near the Bears as they take on two somewhat winnable games that could ultimately decide Nagy's fate. 

2. Matt Nagy Isn't Good At Coaching: maybe he does have COVID. Maybe he doesn't. Either way, the disease has no impact on his ability to win NFL games and it's just a distraction from the fact that he doesn't know what to do on Sundays 

3. Mitch Deserved Better: If you think I'm ragging Nagy without loving me some Mitch then I got news for you. Some people believe Nagy would've ruined Dan Marino if he got a chance. There's swirling winds that nobody could succeed in this scheme and I think that's ultimately correct. So what better way to garner some sympathy amidst this stark realization? Exactly. Play the COVID card. 

End of the day it's probably a combination of 3. Maybe just 2. But let the record show he definitely sucks at coaching. All we need now is Ted Phillips and George McCaskey to find out and then pray to God they do something about it. Chances are that doesn't happen but who knows. 

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