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How The Fuck Do The Broncos Get Off Announcing Peyton Manning's Upcoming Induction Into The Ring Of Fame In JUNE?????


Hurry up and get your tickets, Broncos fans. It looks like the Broncos just announced they are inducting Peyton Manning into the Ring of Fame this upcoming week vs Washington. Probably a quick ploy to get more people to the game to see two last place teams square off on Halloween. Shame on the Broncos for this...wait....what????



Hold on a god damn minute, for this makes no sense to me at all. They announced this in JUNE???? Is that legal? And let's be honest, I'm not even sure Broncos fans care that much about Manning. Sure he won them a Super Bowl, but he's no John Elway in that town. I only say that to say this- they knew it would still be a big deal and people would want to see it, so they announced it FOUR MONTHS IN ADVANCE. Not 3 days. Not to cover something up. Not as a gimmick. But as a sign of respect. Remember when team president Jason Wright spewed this nonsense:


We thought that saving the news for a game week reveal was the best way to focus the message on Sean and his legacy. We didn't realize that so many of you wanted to make a trip to FedExField to be present for this moment -- a true lack of understanding of what you, the lifeblood of this franchise, needed to mourn our collective loss and celebrate Sean's legacy.


I will never get over it. Ever. The Broncos knew to announce Peyton Manning's induction into the Ring of Fame 4 months in advance, but Jason Wright thought it was acceptable to announce Sean Taylor's on 3 day's notice? Christ on a cracker I am mad all over again. Broncos by 24. Fuck Dan Snyder. Go Caps.