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I Thought Bryce Hall Recognized Me. I Was Wrong.

You truly cannot script a more awkward encounter than that. One of those moments where it feels like life is a sitcom. TikTok star Bryce Hall was in the office today because him and Marty Mush are somehow friends? He was showing Bryce around the office, came over to our area, and pointed towards me and said "I see your TikToks all the time!" Being that I just recently hit 100K followers on there and am on a bit of a TikTok streak, I obviously thought he was talking to me. "Ah great, another fan" I thought. 

I was wrong. 

Turns out he was pointing to new hire Jordyn Woodruff behind me. Truly straight out of a movie or TV show where you think someone is saying hi to you but they're just talking to the person behind you. Very cool for Jordyn. Less cool for me. But ultimately, he did respond and then follow me on Twitter and TikTok so kind of a win for the ole T-man after all. 

Previously on Tommy Smokes meets famous TikTokkers…. there was this incredibly awkward interaction with Josh Richards. 

Just some classic hazing. I'll see them in the Sway House soon enough.