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Michael Myers Driving Around Queens Is Really Not Something We Need Right Now

I love Queens. It's personally my favorite borough and that may or may not be because I'm originally there, but it's also just an all-around swell place. Tasty food from a whole bevy of different cultures, Mets games, tennis stadiums, we got the whole 9 over there. Hell I'm even at the point in my life where I don't completely DESPISE JFK & LaGuardia due to their recent Uber pick-up changes although that Delta JFK Terminal is simply too fucking long. Way too much walking to do after a flight yet that's neither here nor there. Moral of the story is Queens is a wonderful place whether you're in Middle Village, Long Island City, Corona, Fresh Meadows, or Bayside. But you know what Queens doesn't need?

Michael fucking Myers! And Michael Myers driving around some sort of odd Halloween mobile while BUMPING that creepy halloween jingle that we all know oh so well. I've heard that song enough as I've hid behind pillows whenever a Halloween commercial comes on the tv since there's seemingly a never-ending pipeline of those movies now and that's all the Michael Myers I can take. I, of course, know it's spooky season but seeing the man himself just casually driving around gives me quite the eerie feeling.

I'm already a subpar driver and now all I could think about is what I would do if I pulled up next to Michael Myers at a red light? Simply taking the keys out of the car and walking away is the answer. So yeah if you can't tell I am a massive pussy when it comes to Halloween. No idea why people enjoy getting scared!