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A Bunch Of Bullies Made Fun Of Instagram Model Olivia Mathers For Achieving The Unbelievable Act ... Of Mowing Her Grass

[Source] - Olivia Mathers shared with her 632,000 followers a post on her Instagram story about her freshly mown lawn, saying she had “happy tears” as a result.

“I’ve had tears through this process,” she wrote. “Happy tears, because I am just so f**king proud of myself.

“It’s so easy to be faced with an unknown/new situation and say, ‘I can’t’.

I know what everyone is thinking here. We all should make fun of Olivia Mathers for cutting her grass. But…

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I speak for every married person who has to mow the grass or do chores that the significant other doesn't stay concerned about. Give me that recognition! Like Olivia Mathers I may start posting pictures after cutting the grass and giving a speech like I just won every single award ever given. I deserve it! And if not, good luck arguing against this defense. 

Another influencer Georgia Grace also defended Olivia, writing on her Instagram story: “Just because she’s an influencer, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings.”

Just like sharks, bloggers have feelings too. You don't think I want to be applauded for taking the 35 minutes to cut the grass? Guess again. I'll take that. I stand with Olivia Mathers. Two gorgeous people who cut our own grass and want the respect for doing so. 

PS: Yeah, I realize how fucking stupid the year 2021 is when this was published on multiple different websites. I miss the old days sometimes. The sad thing was they weren't even making jokes. Legit reported the news. Let's get back to breaking each other's balls and giving each other shit and normalize it.