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No One Is Living With More Regret Today Than The Fan Who Gave Up Tom Brady's 600th TD Ball (Worth At Least $500k) For Some Signed Jerseys and a Gift Card To The Team Store

Mondays are all about regret. Maybe you got too drunk and sent that text to someone that you didn't mean to. Maybe you got arrested. Or you made a few wagers that went the wrong way. Didn't feel up to it to go out and missed a great night? Well how about this fella at the Bucs game who basically was handed a winning lotto ticket and gave it up for essentially nothing? 

Tom Brady threw his 600th career touchdown pass yesterday, becoming the first human to ever accomplish the feat. Mike Evans caught the pill and as is tradition with all of his TD catches, he found a fan in the stands and gave the ball away. He had no idea that was Brady's 600th and some incredibly lucky fan ended up with the prized possession. During a commercial break an employee of the Bucs ran over to barter with the fan in hopes of retrieving the ball. That fan crumbled as quick as humanly possible. He didn't even make it with the ball when they returned from commercial. No chance that Bucs employee thought it would be that easy. 

No biggie though, not like the ball was worth anything. 

He ended up with a $1,000 gift card to the team store, a different game ball, and a promise of some signed memorabilia. Dude what the fuck are you gonna do with a different game ball? Signed jerseys are cool and all, especially from Tom Brady, but we're talking at minimum $500,000 here. I'm sure there's a bunch of people calling him a real classy fan for not taking much in return. Yeah okay, I'm willing to bet that dude is waking up with all of the regret in the world now that realized what he missed out on. I'm sorry, I'm all for doing the right thing but if you're this guy you gotta put that to the side and walk out of the stadium with the ball. 

Half a million dollars and all he got was a gift card to the Bucs team store, a random football, and signed jerseys? Basically the trade equivalent of the Rays giving up Chris Archer to the Pirates in exchange for Austin Meadowns, Tyler Glasnow, and Shane Baz. Tell that guy trying to negotiate that he can call you later and we'll talk. At the absolute bare minimum you gotta get like season tix for life if you're not chasing any kind of money. Maybe some suite action? You absolutely have to set up a situation where you're the one to hand over the ball to Tom Brady himself. Maybe arrange some dinner with Tom and Gisele after? How about a spot on the boat if they win the Super Bowl again? 

The very last thing I'm doing is giving that ball to someone not named Tom Brady. That man had all the leverage in this situation and gave it all away under pressure. In the heat of the moment it's hard to think rationally of course, but you gotta be stronger than that. Here's Brady talking about the moment. 

Hopefully the Bucs and Brady make it right for him because that fan really dropped the ball (no pun intended).