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Guy Rushes On The Field During PSG's Match And Plays Textbook Defense To Prevent Messi From Scoring, Game Naturally Ends 0-0

This is what it means to be a fan. If you get carried out like this because you took it into your own hands to prevent Messi from scoring, you deserve the game ball. 

Adil Benayache. Shutterstock Images.

Oh I'm sorry I didn't trust my defense. What else do you want me to do? Sit back and let the GOAT score? Not on this guy's watch. He stormed the field and played TEXTBOOK defense. Chased him down, cut off the angle, used the help defender and forced Messi to stop the counter attack. You can't draw it up better than that. And you know what? It mattered. (h/t The Sun) 

The Argentine, 34, found himself in a decent shooting position after cutting inside onto his left foot. He never got to pull the trigger, however, because the referee had to stop the game.

Stewards belatedly rushed on to deal with the fan - but not after he had gotten close enough to touch Messi.

The match ended in a drab 0-0 draw.

You see that? A 0-0 draw. You let Messi get that shot off and we're looking at a 1-0 loss. That's why this guy should be praised. Yeah, sure, you shouldn't invade the field. That's not really the point here. The point is he saw an opportunity to help his team and took matter into his own hands. He didn't hurt anyone. He just played defense.Messi should have gotten around him. 

You can't teach fundamentals like this. Marseille should get him on the training squad at least. 

PS: Of course it was a 0-0 tie.

PPS: Of course it was in France. This fucking league man.