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Vin Diesel Walked Paul Walker's Daughter, Meadow, Down The Aisle At Her Wedding This Weekend Because Family Is Everything

Waterworks all over the place. Paul Walker may have died in 2013, but there is no time limit on FAMILY. Meadow Walker needed a father figure to walk her down the aisle at her own wedding? Uncle Vin steps in. That's HIS little girl TOO. Honestly, this melts my heart into a trillion pieces, and it shows us how strong a bond can be with someone, even in death. I also feel like there has been a little Vin Diesel slander over the years? I think he and the Rock have some beef? Everyone loves the Rock, but you can't look at the picture of this man walking his "niece" down the aisle in a white dress and think anything but what a wonderful man he has been to this girl, and an incredible friend to Paul. You never turn your back on Family. 

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It's also insane to think about the fact its been almost 8 years since Paul died; I'll never forget, I was with friends in Manayunk pregaming to go out on the eve of my birthday. The news broke on Twitter, and I cried all night long. There will never be anyone hotter, cooler, sweeter or more perfect than Paul Walker. Worst birthday ever.