Doggie Bag: Let’s Trim Some Dog Nails

Clipping your dog’s nails can SUCK if they are super scared of it. Between the threat of a stress bite and the fear of cutting the nails too short if they jerk their paw away, lots of dog parents can be too nervous to do this.

I was a dog handler for a long time and trimming nails was always a chore I hated. Many of the working dogs could not stand getting their nails cut. Luckily, most walk on concrete enough where it acted as a nail file. Others had nails so thicc and hard that you would have thought you were watching another weird Disvovery+ show.

Never the less, this little hammock thing works great. Baby Dale WooHoo was very nervous about getting his nails trimmed. He would flail his little baby paws all over the joint so hard that I thought he could break a leg if I held on. So, I ordered the hammock thing. It worked great. If you have a partner who can calm your dog while you trim, this is an easy fix. The dogs or cat can’t move much and it’s safe. I highly recommend it.