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European Soccer Fans Are Batshit Crazy Part 432,059: Bunch Of Pissed Off Barcelona Fans Surround Manager's Car After Losing To Real Madrid

[Sun] - That made Koeman only the second manager in LaLiga history to lose his first three Clasicos - and first since Patrick O'Connell between 1935 and 1940.

And with plenty of the 86,422 fans inside the stadium already wanting the Dutchman sacked even before the weekend defeat, a minority's protests turned toxic.

A clip posted online showed the Barca manager met by a large group of furious supporters, who quickly spotted him and surrounded his vehicle.

A number of them began banging on the bonnet and windows of his Audi and insulting him as he tried to force his way through the crowd.

Well just chalk this up to a normal Sunday in European soccer. You see your team lose to their rival, there's only thing to do. Force the manager out by attacking his car. Is it the best method? Absolutely not. But good luck telling European soccer fans that. 

Sure, this is the minority of the fan base that will attack Richard Koeman's car. But the point still stands. Look at the difference between European soccer fans and American sports fans. Yankees fans? They put out videos and tweets when Aaron Boone comes back. Barcelona fans force the club to put out a statement. 

I know it's early in the season but Barcelona is 9th in LaLiga. That's almost impressive because I don't think Barcelona could ever be outside of the top-3. It's always Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico. Maybe Sevilla sneaks in there from time to time. Hell, good luck naming the rest of La Liga.  That's not the point of the blog though. 

Just remember if you think a fanbase is crazy, there's a group in Europe that makes us look like children