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The Jets Should Sign Cam Newton to Replace Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson got hammered today by the Pats and ended up with a pretty bad injury. It's thought to be some sort of PCL tear or sprain but MRI results will come out later this week. Some of these hits were pretty brutal and a PCL tear usually takes 3 months to heal so I doubt we see Zach the rest of the season.

Mike White had a decent outing with a touchdown and a pair of interceptions but at this point I want the Jets to get one of these free agents and spice it up for us Jets fans.

Who could the Jets pick up in the meantime, without making any trades, in no particular order:

Cam Newton

Cam Newton would be an electric addition to the Jets. Cam could create offense of some sort and provide at least entertaining football for the Jets down the stretch. I do not see him outright winning any big games but he's better than nothing. He might be more of a distraction, but I think he could possibly be a better alternative than Mike White.

Blake Bortles 

Blake needs to be back in football, this would be the perfect opportunity to get him back as the face of a franchise. I feel like Bortles would be a great fit for the Jets and provide great veteran leadership. He is also the founder of the Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club and 2-time Blake of the Year. Would be nice to have him close to the office. 

Josh McCown 

Josh McCown is an old but gold Jets quarterback you need in a bind. I honestly was surprised they didn't have Josh on the roster to help develop Zach Wilson in the first place. I do believe if he was the starter of this season he would have been able to pull out wins against the Panthers, Broncos, or Falcons. All those games were lost by rookie mistakes whereas a veteran QB may have been able to game manage to win while the defense played amazingly. 

Jacob Eason?

Recently released by the Colts, could be decent. Didn't get along with the coaching staff but could be a fit in a new system. Mike White may be a better alternative.

Possible Guys they could trade for but would be extremely expensive:

Andy Dalton

Nick Foles

Josh Rosen

Mike Glennon

Mitch Trubisky

I do not see the Jets trading for any of these guys but it is a possibility. 

Sam Ehlinger would be a dream to get on the Jets.

Anyway the Jets are pretty fucked but hopefully the team progresses and the situation is better for Zach next season when he returns.