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600 Career Passing Touchdowns Is, In A Word, Absurd

600 touchdowns (683 including the postseason) to 86 different receivers. Only one of which, Gronk, hauled in more than 50. A few things about this milestone immediately stand out. Twice as many touchdowns as Elway is outrageous. I get it was a different era, but Dan Marino’s 420 (nice) aint  getting doubled up anytime soon. That’s preposterous. The other sports’ 600 milestones also really struck me. 600 dingers, even with steroids, is a fuckton of dingers. 600 goals in hockey is way more of a common occurrence than I would’ve guessed. I haven’t the slightest clue what the basketball 600 equivalent would even be, and clearly neither could CBS, but that’s ok, nobody’s perfect.

Speaking of not being perfect: Mike Evans, the hell you doin’, pal? Straight up handing a couple hundred grand away for shits and giggles. Zero sense of the moment whatsoever. The only guy with less feel is the fan who gave it up for less than a percentage of ownership in the Tampa Bay Bucs. Nothing crazy, just a few percentage points.

The Bucs fleeced this man in broad daylight. He got a better deal than master negotiator Tony “Dinner with Jay Z” Romo, but still a terrible trade off under duress nevertheless.