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The Detroit Lions Are Giving All Bad Teams The Blueprint On How To Play Entertaining Football

Earlier today I watched the New York Jets lineup and kick a field goal. Honest to God, a field goal. For what reason? No idea. I see zero reason why the Jets even have a place kicker taking up a roster spot. There’s no scenario a kicker is making or breaking the 2021 New York Jets season. None. Lining up, and eventually missing, that field goal is demoralizing to both the team and the fanbase. Even if they nail it, congrats on losing 54-16 instead of 54-13. A big moral victory.

Every year these bottom of the barrel, dogshit teams trot out there every Sunday, run through the motions and get their doors blown off. No sizzle, no pizzazz, nothing at all to hang your hat on. Now you’ve got the Completely Defeated 2021 Detroit Lions showing up and showing out against Matthew Stafford. Simply coming into this game, pretending you’re a real football team, lining up in traditional formations and ultimately getting your doors blown off, does nothing for anybody. Coming out here tossing fake kickoffs and punts in the Rams kitchen may not lead to a victory, but there’s a pep in their step, people are talking positively about the Lions, the boys are having fun, and really, that’s all that matters for a team locked in to a top overall pick in a weak QB Draft. Don’t punt again until you’re a real team, that should be absolutely every bad team’s motto from now until eternity.