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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 7

Last week there was a pretty huge disparity between the winner and the rest of the pack.

Congrats to Greg Long for winning FGOTW week 6!

This week there should be a much better competition due to so many better options.

#1 Malik Jackson DT Browns

Football Guys do not treat football as a job but rather as a way of life and being. This statement By Malik Jackson is a perfect embodiment of it. All-day every day.

#2 James Poulos Calvary Christian Academy OL

Look I know many of my Football Guy of the week nominees include high school kids but this one is pretty nuts. This guy bit his lip so hard to start bleeding to disguise the blood he was actually coughing up. This is some warrior shit, this guy played through pleurisy and only got taken out of the game because the other team was complaining to the ref that he was coughing up blood. The guy was playing immaculately couldn't blame him for wanting to power through.

#3 Maxx Williams TE Arizona Cardinals

After having a season-ending knee injury, Maxx Williams watched the game fully suited up in his Cardinals gear. The 

#4 Dawson Knox Bills TE 

We all saw the throw from Dawson Knox to Josh Allen, it was an easy throw but it did look a little awkward by Dawson. Now we know that Knox had broken his hand the drive before the2 pt conversion. He got the job done and it was a risky maneuver given the broken finger. The ultimate way to play through the pain.

Bonus Throwback Football Guy of the Week

Every week I understand the nominees might not be the best so to ensure you guys receive your football guy fix I will now be adding a throwback Football guy to keep it well rounded. 

I mean that's vintage.