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Derrick Henry Kicks Off The Day By Throwing A Touchdown Pass! What Can’t He Do?!?!?

*Boobie Miles uncles voice* AND HE CAN PASSSSSSS! Not only can he run by you, or through you but now the Titans are putting Derrick Henry’s arm on display. Get it down close to the goal line and you assume you’re going to get a heavy dose of Henry, you just don’t expect it to be like this. Tannehill motions out and next thing you know there’s an elephant ready to take the snap. Defense collapses and its over from there. He totally ignores Tannehill out in the flats and the other Titan WIDE OPEN in the corner but he drops in this fluttering duck to Mycole Pruitt. He really can do it all. Had to get a little jump in there to in honor of Tebow as well. It is National tight end day of course. Derrick Henry,  what can’t he do?

ps. They pulled this out in the playoff game vs the Ravens a few years back and I never get tired of watching it.