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Illinois Upsets Penn State as a 24-Point Underdog in NINE OVERTIMES

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What went down in Happy Valley this afternoon was certainly … something. Illinois took down No. 7 Penn State in a nine-overtime game which somehow still hit under the total. If that's not Big Ten football I don't know what is.

It's officially the longest game in college football history at 9 OT, but obviously that comes with an asterisk since the rule was changed this season to make teams run alternating two-point conversion attempts beginning in the third overtime.

The Illini and Nittany Lions traded failed two-point conversion attempts for what felt like half an hour before they both finally got into the end zone in the 8th overtime. Then in the 9th OT, Illinois held firm to force yet another stop and punched it in again for the upset win. I don't love the new overtime rule reducing games down to two-point conversion-offs — particularly in the sport with the most important regular season of any in America — but it's guaranteed to produce an exciting finish, that's for sure.

What a win for an Illinois team whose head coach essentially shit on the entire roster and said he had no talent to work with earlier this week.

And for Penn State fans, I wouldn't expect the James Franklin to LSU rumors to get any quieter this week.