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Mike Tyson Might Be Fighting Logan Paul in February


Mike Tyson was rumored to be getting back in the ring after his fight with Roy Jones Jr., with Evander Holyfield or Lennox Lewis. After showing he was in way better fighting shape than Holyfield in his recent fight, Tyson has his eyes set on fighting Logan Paul. Now just when I say I won't buy another Paul fight, they suck me right back in with the Mike Tyson talk. You see, this has to be the one where Logan or Jake gets knocked out. We saw Tyson box a year and a half ago and he looked amazing for his age -- way better than any of these other fighters. 



His hands are dangerous. This isn't a lightweight fight like Mayweather where he can hide or possibly use his size. The only way Logan can fake his way to lasting the whole fight with him would be to run away and move, but that's playing Russian roulette with knockout punches. Stepping in the ring with Mayweather and Tyson takes a lot of balls, no matter how old or how in shape they are. The thing is, Tyson doesn't play games. You can't pay him to not purposefully try to kill Logan Paul. 



Dillon Danis talks about how Tyron Woodley may have been paid not to knockout Jake Paul, I don’t know even if you paid Mike he wouldn't try to knock out anyone in a ring with him. The guy fights high on mushrooms or weed, I mean, that's not a guy who can coordinate a scripted bout. Yeah, they got me, I am going to buy this fight. BUT I am not buying it to see Logan Paul, it's for Mike.


How freaking sweet would it be if Tyson knocked Logan's fucking block off. Straight up annihilated his skull.