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Utterly Shocking That Bron Bron Is Worried About Telling The Suns To Stay Humble While The Lakers Are Fighting Each Other In The Huddle

Hey man, maybe worry about your own team. I know the only time LeBron truly cares about his team is when he's deciding who is going to get traded or cut. Other than that it's this all the time. He's worried about Cam Payne talking shit. Cam Payne talks shit to anyone and everyone and Bron Bron is worried about that. I don't know dude, you could deal with Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard. 

Or you could help your teammates out by running the floor, showing any sort of energy here. Crazy idea, I know. 

Oh wait! I know! You could maybe step in with Rondo and a fan getting into it. 

The Lakers fucking stink right now. There's no spacing. There's no help. They added a bunch of dudes who are just LeBron's friends. I don't hate it. I want the Lakers to be just relevant enough that they get stomped at the end. Rip their hearts out during a real season and prove that this is a disaster. No draft picks, no dishes, nothing. They could have had Buddy Hield, a player who makes sense. Nope. LeBron wanted HIS guy. Truly a shame to see a disaster unfold in front of us. 

Stay humble? Shut the fuck up LeBron.