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The Washington Football Team Is Clocking In At 32nd In Attendance And The NFL Is Not Happy With Them



Couldn't have said it better, Burgundy Blog. 51,000 people are still going to WFT games? Stop going, you dummies! To be fair (TO BE FAIR!) most of those so called 51,000 are opposing fans and corporate seats, many of which are left unfilled. More good news- the higher ups at NFL are none too pleased with the WFT (Dan Snyder) under-performing. 




I think for the first time ever I side with Goodell? It's SO EASY to make money in the NFL. Just have a solid front office, a GM who knows what he's doing, a team president with a brain…anddd oh fuck, we're batting 0/3 aren't we? 

Lots of "good" news dumping out on a Friday. Congress might investigate the ongoings in the front office 



And the NFL execs group us in with god damn Jacksonville and Detroit in terms of being the WOAT.

One thing I don't get- why does the NFL care if Snyder owns the team? Why not just make an example out of him? Everyone else gets a clean slate, Snyder gets the boot, and all parties go home happy. We get a new owner, the NFL doesn't have to continually defend Snyder's asshattery, and a new owner turns the ship around. Just make Snyder the fall guy. I'm sure there's a ton of political shit behind the scenes, but at some point enough has to be enough. Here's to hoping. Have a great weekend everyone. Fuck Dan Snyder. Go Caps.