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"Everything In Transit" Is One Of My Favorite Albums Of All Time


Honestly, we don't do enough of these types of blogs. Gotta remember sometimes it's ok to just blog something you're thinking about. Probably gonna send an email. 

But anyway, here I am on a Friday afternoon. Went to the Caps/Devils game last night, feeling fresh as a daisy today listening to tunes on a slow day, and I see this tweet from WSD's music podcast:



When it comes to albums with no skips, Jack's Mannequin's "Everything In Transit" takes the cake for me. The reason I led the blog with this album is really because I want everyone to listen to it. We all know the "classic" no-skip albums, but to me, "Everything In Transit" can go toe to toe with all of em and people don't talk about it enough. There is no reason Andrew McMahon isn't a mega-star and sometimes I wonder if in a parallel universe he's the Beatles. I finally got to see him live in concert when he opened for OAR at Merriweather and he did not disappoint. An absolute showman, a ton of bangers, and one of the most enjoyable sets I've seen in a long time. If you don't know Jack's Mannequin or this album, I implore you to give it a spin. Just so, so good.

Other albums with no skips for me?

"A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" is a big one for me. Before Panic! was a pop band, they were a perfect emo/pop band. AFYCSO front to back does not miss.



"(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" could be my most listened to album ever. Find me a bad song on it, you can't. Starting with "Hello" and rock n rolling to the final track, a little ditty called "Champagne Supernova", it's a 50 minute can't-miss album that should be heavy in your rotation. Have a listen to "Some Might Say" and have your life changed forever.



"Tell All Your Friends". Do I even need to explain this one? YOUR LIPSTICK HIS COLLAR DON'T BOTHER ANGEL!!!!!! Punk/emo/rock at its best. There's days where it's the only album I listen to. Just on repeat. Those are the good days.


There's plenty of others with no skips for me. Most of Taylor's, Box Car Racer self titled, Dizzy Up The Girl, Enema of the State, From Under The Cork Tree, and Bleed American come to mind off the top. Actually, man, how good is Bleed American? Jimmy Eat World is so good. 

All in all though, I just wanted to give some shine to Jack's.