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Jupiter Is Earth's Fullback

So I stumbled upon this astrology tweet and read the serious bro move Jupiter has been doing for Earth since the beginning of recorded time. You see Jupiter's gravitational pull keeps all the asteroids and meteors away from Earth so the planet can chill and bloom life. 

If you need another reason to enjoy the weekend, just appreciate how unique and rare that so many different instances caused humans and you to exist on the planet. Without proper distance from the sun, size of earth, protection from Jupiter, the occurrence of water, a strong atmosphere. There is just so much that goes into how and why you are currently staring at letters that another cognizant life wrote. They might be on the other side of the world- Only possible because Jupiter is out there "Hodor"ing billions of tons of space rock that want to blow up our spot. 

Jupiter is the Earth's Fullback because it makes the blocks so the earth can score. So this weekend go and enjoy the billions of instances that had to occur for you to be able to have a weekend. Maybe go throw a block for someone, like not actually but do something nice, Be someone's fullback and Jupiter. It may help them do something they never would have been able to do.