TikToker Goes Viral Explaining Why it's 'Crucial' to Have Sex on the First Date and Her Logic is Hard to Argue With

Irish Mirror - A TikToker has gone viral after revealing why it is 'crucial' to have sex on the first date.

The star known as @eveculling told her followers not to make the same mistake she did after she experienced a dating fiasco.

She said: “Okay, I’m gonna tell you guys why it is crucial, important to have sex on the first date. Hear me out.

“So, I recently was seeing this guy. We were taking things slow. We probably had like 10 to 15 dates before actually having sex, okay?

“Before we had sex, I asked him. I was like, ‘hey, so what do you like during sex do you have any like kinks?’ You know, trying to, you know, he was like ‘no I don’t really have any kinks nothing crazy you know.”

The TikToker said everything was going fine until her partner began to dirty talk. ...

Eve went on to describe the bizarre things her partner was saying, such as "you want me to get you pregnant” and “you want me to put a baby in you, so everyone knows your mine.” ...

She said: “Now I don’t kink shame, but what the f***, what the f***?

“First time having sex, I asked you about your kinks you didn't think that would like, you didn’t think you could like, you know, you should tell me that." ...

She added: “Months of getting to know this guy, getting deep with him, getting personal with him out the door.

“Have sex on the first date. You heard It here first. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

There's a lot going on here. And I'm reluctant to add much. Because while I'm happy to offer my services as your Life Coach Jer, on this one, I'm way out of my depth. I'm decades removed from the dating scene. The last first date I had I ended up marrying the girl. And I have zero lifetime experience when it comes to taking to TikTok in order to share my sex experiences with the world. Good or bad. 

So instead, I'll just defer to the expert. @eveculling is clearly the voice of experience here, and is just speaking her truth. It must be disconcerting to spend months getting to develop a relationship with a young gentleman caller, dating 15 or so times without sex. (what my friends and I used to refer to as "Playing the investment game.") Deciding the time is right for a physical expression of your feelings for one another. Finding out (her words) his dick is fine. Only to have him go Full Antonio Cromartie on you. To go straight to Baby-Making Talk instead of saving that for down the road had to be a little unnerving, I'm sure. 

And for you single fellas out there, I think there's a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from this. You need to find a gear between "No Sex at All" and going straight to the pushing the RPMs up to the red line of "I'm Putting a Baby in You." Going right from First to Overdrive like that is how you blow out the motor on a precision-engineered driving machine like Eve. So learn this lesson the easy way, from some other fool's mistake.

In all there's a nice life lesson for all of us here. Eve would like you all to do it on the first date to avoid unfortunate mishaps and wasting your time the way she did. Men can learn to take it slow on the pregnancy talk. And pretty much everyone in my demographic can be grateful we don't have kids going viral for oversharing kinky sex stories on the internet. Here's wishing nothing but the best for Eve in her search for the perfect partner. But mostly I'll be praying for her parents. And weeping for our future.