It's Pretty Clear These F1 Racers Only Watch Ben Simmons Play After Seeing Them Attempt To Shoot A Basketball

I'm the first to admit I'm not the biggest F1 fan. I know a ton of people are, I just haven't gotten into it yet. But I can't pass up this video. Seeing guys who make millions of dollars attempt to do something so simple like shooting a basketball is hilarious. They aren't even close. I simply can't comprehend it. It's really not that tough. Just need a little BEEF - balance, eyes, elbow, follow through. It should be a requirement in every single country to learn that when you're like 8. Instead they are out here like Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly. 

We start with George Russell. Love the confidence as he hypes the crowd up. 

Get the crowd going, get them on your side. But you gotta deliver something. Instead we get that free throw where it looks like he might be trying to throw a baseball instead. Annndddd juuuusssstttt a bit outside. Then we get helmets going between the legs leading to an airball. Finally Daniel Ricciardo take over. He's basically the Joel Embiid of this group. He's sick of seeing shots have no hope. He starts talking shit about people saying he'll make a million threes and drains one. Sure the form is, well, horrendous. But it goes in. 

Someone in Europe needs to get these guys a channel that has on non-Sixers games. Let them watch Steph. Let them watch Trae. Let them watch anyone else. It's clear they only watch Ben Simmons. It's the only way a grown man can shoot a basketball like this. First time or not. 

Juan Ocampo. Getty Images.