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Finding Out That Black Cats Are Bad Luck Because A Drunk Dad Tried To Stone One To Death And Then Said It Was A Witch Is An Incredible Story

All these years, HUNDREDS of years, black cats have been thought to be unlucky if one crosses your path. I mean the 1969 Cubs had a black cat curse

All because some drunk asshole on his way home from the pub with his son decided to throw rocks at a stray cat and when a woman emerged from the same house the cat ran into with a limp they said the cat shapeshifted and that woman was a fucking WITCH. Logical. Coherent. And…it stuck for like 500+ years. That is ABSURD. How nobody was like "Ha, shut up dude. You're a crazy asshole" and black cats could've gone on forever just living their normal lives. Sad!. Cats suck, but this is slander.