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Stu Feiner Will Pay For His Egregious Patrick Mahomes Tweet

Patrick Mahomes threw a brutal interception in Sunday’s game at Washington which prompted this tweet from the oracle himself Stu Feiner.

The tweet got me pondering why are so many people hating on Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs?!?! Mahomes has only thrown for 15,755 yards and 132 TDs in the last 3.25 seasons! He has led KC to a Super Bowl win and a loss as well as AFC Championship Game. That’s pretty damn successful in my book.

Despite the Chiefs 3-3 record, he is once again the #1 Fantasy QB. Everyone is getting tired of the Chiefs and proclaiming their downfall. This team will bounce back and is not going anywhere.

The hate reminds me of how everyone turned on Steph Curry and the Warriors during their 5 year glory run. At first everyone was fascinated watching Steph and all the crazy stuff he could do on basketball court that had never been seen. Over time everyone got tired of the same team winning and the novelty wore off. This feels similar.

And how can Stu hate on Mahomes Kermit the Frog like voice?!?! Mine sounds almost the exact same as Mahomes and I am personally offended!

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