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Lighten the Fuck Up! For the Last 40 Years Robert & his Buddies Rarely Missed a Tee Time...

Ben Welsh. Getty Images.

Four older gentlemen had been playing golf together once a week for the last 40 years and they rarely missed a tee time.

One Sunday morning the foursome was at the golf course early and three of them had already teed off and the fourth, Robert, the oldest of the group at 87, was just about to hit his drive when a funeral procession passed the teeing ground.

Robert immediately stopped his swing, turned around, put his Top Flite cap over his heart, and watched the procession go by in what was a very touching moment of silence…

When the last car passed, Robert turned around, lined up his drive, and hit one far and right for the green. It bounced and landed eight feet from the hole. His three golf buddies were not only impressed with his drive, but also with his show of respect for the newly deceased…

One of his buddies made mention of it, "That was really nice of you Robert, to pause your drive and show your respect for the passing funeral procession."

To which Robert replied, "It was the least I could do. I was happily married to that woman for 65 years…"

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