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FAU's Official Letter Requesting to Join the AAC Is Hysterically to the Point

Joining a new conference seems like it should require a bit more than this three-line e-mail. Sure, we all know there's lobbying going on behind the scenes and the American Athletic Conference pretty much knew who it wanted to take anyway, but this is really all you have to do? This is the ultimate formality of a job interview.

I'm sure it doesn't hurt in this situation that the AAC got caught with its pants down when Cincinnati, UCF and Houston bolted for the Big 12 and the league needs new members, but even then, this is still hilarious. Imagine the response you'd get if you applied for a job using that e-mail template.

I think it's, "We believe that we would be an excellent fit both academically and athletically," that really gets me. Brian White just felt like he had to put something other than, "We apply," so that's what he came up with.

Congrats to FAU, though, on the step up to a respectable Group of Five conference. All it took was an e-mail reminiscent of Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy and it was in there like swimwear.

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