Feel Good Friday: The Detroit Lions Tricked Chris Spielman Into Announcing That They Will Add Him To Their Ring Of Honor, Which Opened The Floodgates

Blogger's Note: I originally said that Chris Spielman's parents surprised him in this video, which instead turned out to be the Lions' President and GM. However I will not take any blame in this because if you show me two people walking in and surprising someone that is crying tears of joy, I am going to assume they are that person's parents 1000000% of the time

First of all, setting someone up to Ron Burgundy themselves with a teleprompter is a brilliant move since I feel like 99% of the world will blindly read whatever is on a screen when they know they are being recorded. You can make an entire prank show out of getting people to say something they didn't expect to say, followed by the host popping out of nowhere and hitting them with the perfect catchphrase.

Anyway, I think the Lions may have tapped into something here. We all expected Dan Campbell's Lions to be fueled by unabashed violence once he took over. That has led to a couple of decent halves and a few near wins over good teams. But in the end, all it led to was the familiar heartbreak that Lions fans know all too well as they watched the least violent players on the gridiron deliver them an L in ways we've never seen before.

However what if Dan Campbell realized that there is a better football fuel, much like how Monsters Inc. realized children's laughter powered Monstropolis more efficiently than children's screams? Football teams have been run on sweat equity and chewed kneecaps for years. But those could be fossil fuels for a much more precious natural resource: Football Guy Tears. They may not be the easiest things to harvest in the past, but the Lions clearly have figured out a way to frack this scarce liquid between the element of surprise in this video and Dan Campbell's tears after wishing his players could experience the wins they've worked so hard for. 

They are clearly building something big in Detroit and if the Lions can just figure out a way to get Barry Sanders to cry, or smile, or show any type of emotion, they honestly may go on a run of dominance we haven't seen Brady and Belichick were rolling in the 2000s. Oh yeah and they have to make things right with Megatron too in order to appease the Football Gods. Can't forget that.