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Myles Garrett Says The Refs Need Some New Glasses And He's Getting The Shaq Treatment Right Now

He's right. He's 100.0% right and I'm glad he finally spoke up. Because this didn't just happen last night, it happens every single time Myles Garrett takes the field. And just because he's 6'5, 270 pounds, and quicker than some NFL receivers doesn't mean that you can't get called for holding him. This is late 90s / early 2000s Shaquille O'Neal to a tee. Too big. Too powerful. And the refs don't know how to handle it.

The speed and power that Myles Garrett plays with makes the officials think he should be able to play through common holding penalties, or else he'd get a sack on every play, or else they'd have to throw a flag on every play. The fact of the matter is that the NFL officials treat Myles Garrett differently because he's too good for offensive lineman to block.

Last night was a travesty.

That is simply the most outrageous video I've ever seen in my life. Could've called holding, facemask, or probably arraigned him for felonious assault. But not even one measly yellow flag was thrown. Nothing.

As Jeff D Lowe said last night, they could use the images and videos of these plays as the textbook definitions of holding for the NFL Rulebook, but they're not even getting called!!

And it's not just Cleveland fans complaining.

Every single week, Siciliano. Every single week.

-- I'm interested to see if the NFL fines Myles Garrett for the glasses comment. I personally think they should fine the refs for being terrible.