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No Baker. No Chubb. No Hunt. NO PROBLEM!

And THAT'S why you pay Case Keenum $6 million a year to be your backup quarterback. Was he great? Nope. Should he be our starting quarterback when Baker is healthy? Nope. But he was able to hold it down tonight and lead the Cleveland Browns to a much needed victory when they were in a must win game. 21-33 for 199 yards, a touchdown, and most turnovers. Did exactly what we needed him to do. All credit goes to the Browns front office for realizing the importance of having a competent backup quarterback on this team. 

**and I'll say this one time and one time only then get back to celebrating the win -- this team should only pay 1 man $40 million to be our quarterback next year and that's Aaron Rodgers if he wants to come here. If not, I'm totally content with Baker Mayfield being our quarterback, but more for like $15 million, not anywhere near $30. Because as this team showed tonight, we have an extremely talented roster and really, we just need a QB who can manage a football team and master the art of turning around and handing the football off. Because folks, if you haven't noticed, the Browns are a Running Back FACTORY.

In other words, the Browns have an incredible offensive line, and Bill Callahan is excellent at coaching the position. D'Ernest went for 146 yards and a touchdown. D'Ernest is a D'Awg. That man just earned himself a future contract with somebody tonight. Maybe not with the Browns, seeing as how we'll hopefully have Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt for the years to come, but in his first start and on national television, D'Ernest looked goooooood. Teams are going to be calling the Browns as early as tomorrow morning asking what they want for him. And whatever they're willing to offer, I think the Browns should make them take OBJ as well. Because guys, that dude is nothing but a big salary right now. 50% of the time he can't catch the ball. 25% of the time the quarterback can't get him the ball. And the other 25% of the time he's hurt. Just a waste of talent and money and I'm tired of it....

Speaking of people I'm tired of, what's our protocol on making fun of Von Miller, who got hurt tonight, for saying he was going to "kill" our offensive tackle tonight?

Karma's a bitch, Von….

David Richard. Shutterstock Images.

Glad he's okay though, but the point stands. Don't threaten murder and then have to leave the game.

Anyways, the Browns move to 4-3 on the year. And 4-3 is very much alive and well in the grand scheme of things. We just need to get our roster back to being alive and well. Baker, Chubb, and Hunt obviously need to get healthy. But even people like Jarvis Landry and OBJ appear to be dinged up every time they touch the football. Not to mention Donovan Peoples Jones getting hurt in warmups tonight. Oh, and I'm sure I sound like a broken record here, but Denzel Ward is now hurt again too.

If this team gets healthy, watch out. Because the rest of the schedule is not what we would call Murderer's Row…

Are we not favorites in each of the next 4? Sitting at 8-3 heading into a back to back with the Ravens to decide the AFC North would be just fine with me. 

I may have overreacted when I declared that the Browns stunk last week. But let's be clear, the Browns did stink last week. And now they don't. Now they're BACK. And we've got 10 days to prepare for Halloween vs. Pittsburgh? Don't let Baker, Chubb, OBJ, and Jarvis all get back or else that is going to be SCARY for the Steelers.