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Reggie Miller's Reaction To Finding Out He Made The NBA 75th Anniversary Team Is Awesome

R-E-G! G-I-E! Hell yes. Big congrats to the Pacers most proud son for making it on the 75th Anniversary Team. I believe Vibbs and JB are the only other two employees at the entire company who don't want to punch Reggie square in the face. Probably rightfully so. The dude was the ultimate "love to death if he's on our side. Hate his guts with a passion if he's not." 

But Reggie played into that, and of course we Hoosiers will always appreciate the loyalty and ferocity he played with for our city and state. I know, I know. he never won a title. I'll go to my grave believing that the Malice at the Palace and following suspensions robbed him of his one ring that would have solidified his status even more. But I don't think you can tell the story of the NBA without Reggie Miller - title be damned. So, thanks again, Reggie, for always putting on for Indiana. 31 forever.