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Watching Steph Curry Make A Billion Shots In A Row Will Never Get Old

Listen, I live a fairly simple life. I watch basketball, I blog, and I hang out with my Saint Bernards. That's pretty much it and I wouldn't have it any other way. One of the rules I do live by while doing those things is that any time you show me a near 2 minute clip of Steph Curry shooting, I am watching it every single time. Before the hardos out there get all worked up, yeah I know this is shootaround against zero defense. I also don't give a shit. There's nothing like watching an all time great show off his craft. Watching Steph hit nothing but net for 2 straight minutes is both awesome to watch and relatively relaxing. Think about your own life. Is there anything you do as well as Steph shoots a basketball? I've been thinking about it for myself and I can't think of one thing. Being able to shoot like that has to be such an awesome feeling. What I love about it is you can tell it's all muscle memory for Steph. I'm sure he could do this even with his eyes closed. That comes from hours and hours in the gym putting up thousands and thousands of shots. It's just so effortless for him it's beautiful to watch.

Like I said, I'm addicted to watching Steph shooting videos. I can't get enough

If anything, this should have Warriors fans excited that they probably won't get another 5-21 performance from Steph like they did in the opener. They were able to survive that one mostly because the Lakers might actually stink outside of LeBron/AD, but tonight is another important H2H matchup with the Clippers. I don't think it should shock anyone if we see Steph get back to doing crazy Late Night Steph shit where he's automatic from 35 feet and you can't go to sleep until it's over.