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The Largest Candy Corn Manufacturer In The U.S. Was Hacked Earlier This Month In What May Be The Perfect Crime

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Fortune- The national debate over candy corn that rises like a zombie every year around this time has attracted the interest of the hacker world. Chicago’s Ferrara Candy Co., the industry’s largest manufacturer of the controversial sweet, says it was the victim of a ransomware attack earlier this month, which disrupted production. However, the company says, that won’t lead to a candy shortage this Halloween.

Beyond making Brach’s Candy Corn, Ferrara is also the manufacturer of noncontroversial brands like SweeTarts, Laffy Taffy, and Nerds. (Actually, forget that…It managed to make Nerds controversial this year with the introduction of Nerds Candy Corn.) It also makes cookies from Keebler and Famous Amos.

Bravo to the big brain supernerds that came up with this plan. Usually when you hear about hackers, it is because you got an email from a site you registered/bought stuff from apologizing for getting your personal information stolen months ago and if you are lucky, you get a free year of credit monitoring to go along with the obligatory "Our bad". 

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The issue with that type of hacking is you can be stealing info of the wrong people. Not some poor shlep blogger like myself that doesn't have two nickels to rub together for his children's college fund. But you could be pissing off some powerful people that could fuck up your shit or even another group of hackers.

However, there isn't a jury that will convict someone for hacking the biggest candy corn company in the country. Sure you may have a few people that love that three colored combination of wax and a shitload of sugar that would send these hackers to jail for messing with their confectionary corn. But there are just as likely to be an equal amount if not more that would let the hackers off the hook then give the creators of candy corn the death penalty for bringing that candy into this world. Not only that, but this Ferrara candy company makes a few of the other candies that are anywhere near as controversial as candy corn.

I'm not saying any company deserves to be hacked, let alone a candy company right before a gold mine holiday like Halloween. But sometimes you are a victim of the decisions you've made and a company that produces more candy corn than any other company in the country along with some of the other candies on that list is just begging to be attacked electronically or having people literally punch your factories and the machines inside of said factories.