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A Rare Win For The Lions: Christen Harper LOVES The Change Of Pace Living In Detroit

[Post] - Jared Goff’s model girlfriend Christen Harper is reminiscing about living in Los Angeles just days before the Lions quarterback will return to play his former Rams team.

During a Q&A with fans on Instagram Wednesday, Harper was asked if she misses LA, to which she responded, “I’ve honestly been loving the change of pace” in Detroit.

Harper explained that living in Detroit has given her the “opportunity to slow down and focus on things I haven’t been able to in a long time because of the fast paced lifestyle in LA. Of course missing my friends and family and I’m sure I’ll start missing the sunshine, but honestly and truly loving it here,” she said.

This is what Lions fans needed to see right now. This is how you turn the season around and get a win. Maybe not this week in a revenge game with the Rams, but a win at some point this season. Sure they've come close a few times. They had that comeback against the 49ers where they were feisty. They should have beat the Ravens if it wasn't for refs not understanding clocks and Justin Tucker being the best kicker ever. They should have beat Minnesota if the Lions weren't struck with the worst luck in the history of the NFL. So yeah, Jared Goff's girlfriend saying she's loving the change of pace in Detroit is a win. They deserve it. 

Although Michigan has had a pretty good run. You got Chris Castellini on The Dozen. You got Michigan basketball looking like a top-5 team again. Michigan football is winning games! The Red Wings had a hat trick in the first game. The Tigers, well, they are still a team. The Barstool Sportsbook is dominating there. What's not to love about Pure Michigan? Christen Harper has it right. 


And if you are a Lions fan upset with Jared Goff what better way to distract you than Christen Harper? Sure, Dan Campbell may be right in saying Goff needs to be better going forward. Maybe the change of pace will help him too as the season goes on. Either way, Christen Harper is a fan of Detroit so that counts.