The Only Person Julius Randle Dominated More Than The Celtics Last Night Was Mike Greenberg

I'll be honest with you guys. I've watched this video more times than I care to admit. I find it that fucking hilarious. You can see Randle going with the full dap with Stephen A. to the limp handshake with Wilbon to just tapping Greeny on the stomach. It's hard to get emasculated more than that. Actually the look here does it even more. 

The look on both of their faces says it all. Greenberg knows he's in trouble. He committed to a handshake/hug move and realized he just got stomach tapped. Randle is too busy to get ready to kick the Celtics ass. Hard to blame him. He doesn't have time for a full handshake with Mike Greenberg when he has this to do. 

Or when has to put up a 35/8/9 stat line. We'll ignore the terrible ISO sets at the end of regulation. It happened, Knicks still won. The fact is there's no regression when it comes to Julius Randle. The Most Improved Player of last year looks like an All-Star again and that's all that matters. He wants to be the face of New York. He wants to be a franchise player for the Knicks. That's what I love about him. 

As for the dap? Well it clearly threw Greeny off. The man forgot he was on live TV. You have Stephen A. Smith trying to remind him. Because of this I'm moving the Knicks to 2-0 on the year. Hit the music.