Anthony Edwards Reminded The NBA He's Already An ELITE Shit Talker

Anthony Edwards needs a microphone in front of him at all times. The dude is absolutely hilarious and already an elite shit talker. Not to mention he's fucking good. I know going into last year's draft everyone was questioning if it was truly good up top but him and LaMelo are already living up to the hype and more. But this is about Anthony Edwards and what he did last night. He went out and dropped 29 to beat the Rockets. Now sure, everyone is going to beat the Rockets. But the fact he was calling timeout for them after making a three is so perfect. 

Just look at his history of quotes in the short time he's been in the league. 

Now calling timeout for another team is one thing. Going into the postgame press conference and clearly saying you did it and they needed help is next level. It's flat out rude, which is something we need more of. Anthony Edwards doesn't give a shit. He's going to play ball and talk about it. Honestly, I love it. 

I have no idea if the Wolves are actually going to be good, but they are going to be entertaining as hell. Between Ant, KAT and D'Angelo Russell, they are at least going to be fun to watch. If you're going to be bad, that's the way to go. Also the NBA should allow other players to call timeout for opposing teams if they get to NBA Jam level hot. Instigate a little fighting and let's allow more shit talking.