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It Appears An Amazon Driver Got Caught Delivering A Package In The Back Of His Prime Van

Look, we've all heard the stories. Amazon employees pissing in bottles and working until their eyes bleed all so we can get any item on the planet in 48 hours or less. Amazon's reputation has gotten so bad over the years that Bezos dug into his gigantic wallet to play this commercial roughly 100 times every NFL Sunday just to prove his company isn't the worst place on Earth to work.

So with the holiday season coming up and this guy about to put in more miles on the road than Portnoy does on his private jet, I love seeing him enjoy some human company in the back of his van. I know many people will assume they know what these two people were doing back there. Perhaps playing a game of Uno or watching Daniel Jones' one-handed grab on loop.

However, this lady leaving the van without shoes makes it pretty obvious what she was doing. CLEARLY she missed the Amazon guy ringing her door for a package she had to sign for and didn't have time to put on the proper footwear, as this has happened to me countless times with the ice cream man. I'll even go so far as to assume that it was the new iPhone 13 Pro since I was stuck at my house all day a few weeks ago to make sure this didn't happen to me (I am not bragging about having a cutting edge phone that costs more than $1000 and shoots higher quality videos with more megapixels than even the finest Hollywood cameras).

Giphy Images.

I have no clue if Megapixels are still a thing but it felt right

Once she was able to catch him, the driver was more than happy to dig in the back and find her box, which was quickly dug into then discarded since none of us can wait to get our hands on new technology. She then left the van with her brand new phone lodged firmly in her dress since the phone didn't have a case and respectable young lady wears a dress with pockets.

Regardless of what happened, I'm just happy these two crazy kids were able to find each other for some human contact right before the holiday rush and more importantly hope that bird is alright after appearing to rifle through that van at 250 MPH according to Statcast.