I Would Like To Denounce Myself And All Of My Previous Zach LaVine Takes

For the first time since Rose and Noah I genuinely enjoyed watching the Bulls last night. In the past I'd barely be aware of their existence or what they were doing on a night to night basis. I think the majority of the city felt that way. It's okay to breeze passed the Bulls on TV so you didn't need to watch a Boylen team that made you wish you were blind. Just keep scrolling and assume an L. That was the end of the Gar/Pax era. And that attitude led to takes like this from me

Guys... I fucked up. Credit to me for not deleting this tweet and pretending it never happened. #burratagang.

 Literally everything in this tweet was wrong. Big wrong. I would like to formally apologize and disavow myself from myself. That game last night required Zach Lavine to just step up, take over, and steal a win on the road to open the season and that is EXACTLY what he did. He is no longer a bum on defense. In fact...the entire Bulls team looks nasty defensively and you can't be that way if your best player doesn't buy in. LaVine has done that. The Bulls have all the makings of a playoff team with their Big 4 and a rotation that includes Caruso, Paw, and Coby. It's fun to watch and the quotes from LaVine and the Bulls last night have me all gassed up. 

“The shots that he made and things that he does athletically and talent-wise, I think people have seen that for years out of him. He’s always had that. I think he’s looking at things through a different lens. His voice is there. There’s a different messaging coming from him, in a really good way. I think he sees things in a different way now based on his experiences.”--Billy Donovan

“I want to win this year. And we have the correct pieces to go out there and do that. I don’t put any expectations on myself. I just want to be me, and I want this team to be very successful. And I’ll do whatever I can to do that. Win. By any means necessary. And I'll be okay with that"--Zach LaVine

If reading things like that don't get you excited about the Bulls then you're dead inside. They're going to be a fun team to watch and an easy team to fall in love with. Basketball doesn't really start until Christmas day, but I'll be on the Bulls just about every night. 

We had a weird old school Chicago Sirius Radio version of Redline Radio yesterday and sat down with Purdue Head Ball Coach, Jeff Brohm. I don't think he likes us, but we like him.