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David Chase Is In Talks For Sopranos Prequel Series & We Better See Tony Rob The Card Game For Fuck's Sake

Deadline- David Chase has talked up the possibility of returning to The Sopranos universe with a sequel to The Many Saints of Newark.

The creator of the hit James Gandolfini-fronted mob drama suggested, in an interview with Deadline, that it could be another feature film with Chase and Terence Winter writing together.

Now, it’s emerged that it could possibly even end up as a TV series for HBO Max.

Ann Sarnoff, CEO, Studios and Networks, WarnerMedia, told Deadline that the company was “thrilled” with the results of The Many Saints of Newark.

“We’re talking to David about a new series, Sopranos related, on HBO Max,” she said.

Ok. I don't know how I feel about this, but Ok. I'm still currently reeling from how friggen odd I thought the Many Saints of Newark was so I'm in a very fragile place right now. I still can't get over who happened to be the one to kill Dickie. I still can't get over the reasoning. I still can't get over the fucking BREAKING OF THE 4TH WALL FOR TONY AND DICKIE'S DEAD BODY FINGERS TO TOUCH! I can't get over it all!

Anyway that's neither here nor there. We are here to discuss the apparent future of the Sopranos according to this news out from Deadline about a potential series.

Chase said that if he was to return to The Sopranos world, any such potential story would take place after the film, which is set in the late 1960s and 1970s and before the original series, which starts around 1998. “There’s only one way that I would do it, and that was if Terry [Winter] and I could write the script together. That I would do.” Sarnoff admitted that a final decision as to whether the project becomes a series or a feature film has not been made, but a Sopranos prequel series is an intriguing possibility.

A big complaint from pretty much everyone about the Many Saints of Newark was that it should've been a series as opposed to a movie so I'm definitely behind that idea going forward with whatever they could do. With that quick post-credits scene in the movie it kind've set up for anything in the future about the new character Harold which I would absolutely tune into since I enjoyed Harold's stuff in the movie. BUT what I, and I'm sure everyone else wants, would simply be a prequel series highlighting Tony's way up the ranks. JUST GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! The people want to see Tony & Jackie Aprile rob Feech LaManna's card game! 

You give me a Tony, Jackie, Ralphie origin story in their 20's and you can sign me up INSTANTLY. 

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Call me crazy but they KIND OF already laid the groundwork for that as we met a character named Leon Overall in the movie when we know the first guy Tony ever whacked was named Willie Overall….Just throwing that out there! Hopefully that's something David Chase might be interested in. My fingers are crossed. Not to mention as much as a lot of folks didn't like Many Saints of Newark, we all will obviously be tuning into ANY sort of prequel series that's made.s