Courteney Cox Has Absolutely No Time For Melissa Barrera Going Up To Monica's Real NYC Apartment

This warmed the cockles of my heart. Now I know a lot of folks fucking hate Friends nowadays, but this still kinda sorta made my day I think? Anytime I get an original cast member doing some sorts of Friends content on their on whim (obviously this is to promote the new Scream so I'm not sure how much we can really say this on their own whim of) I'm a happy guy. Some folks could love some nostalgia about say Cheers, MASH, or Breaking Bad...I enjoy nostalgia about Friends. And it's not every day you see one of the cast members outside the ACTUAL Friends apartment at 90 Bedford St in Greenwich Village considering they actually shot the whole show in Los Angeles, though this was still cool to see due to a few reasons. 

The little Friends jingle in the beginning was heavenly and instantly made me want to throw on an episode since I haven't watched the show in quite some time. Add that in with Courteney Cox being QUITE protective over her apartment and that'll just really get any Friends super fan like yours truly going. You also gotta give credit to Melissa Barrera for dropping that quick little Monica quip in there as well. Bravo all around!

I really am still wondering why so many people hate Friends in this day and age though. What'd Friends ever do to them? We're aware it's not *funnier* than Seinfeld, but it's just a swell easy watch of a show with the occasional laughs sprinkled in. I'm a massive Seinfeld guy as well so I hate when people instantly pin them against each other in terms of comedy because it's obviously not a comparison. Whatever. Friends gang unite!