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This Trailer That Recreates Ted Lasso As A Horror Movie Is Bloody Awesome

I've always been a fan of these remade trailers that takes a movie and completely turns it on its head, usually as the delightful musical stylings of Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel plays in the background. But seamlessly turning a cheeky show like Ted Lasso into a terrifying horror flick may be the most impressive editing feat yet considering everyone on that show is so lovable.

Well other than that (SEASON 2 SPOILER) traitorous sociopath Nate. I hate that piece of shit more than horror legends Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, and Jason that have body counts in the hundreds. I can live with the stuff they've done because of the fucked up shit that happened in their past. But Nate turning on the most wholesome character in the history of television because his dad is a dick and whatever "microaggressions" Ted may have committed in Nate's eyes are inexcusable. 

It would be a real shame if Season 3 of Ted Lasso ended with Ted beating Nate on the pitch in the biggest game of their lives then Ted grinding up Nate's lifeless body into a fine flour-like consistency and baking him into biscuits for everyone at AFC Richmond to eat.

Giphy Images.

Okay, that was a bit extreme. But I love the idea of a horror angle randomly playing out at some point like that Christmas episode that aired out of the goddamn blue in Season 2, with or without a gruesome death for Nate, no matter how out of place it would be in such a happy show.